Monday, February 15, 2010

Allerton Garden on Kauai is not to be missed

Allerton Garden, is located in the Lawai Valley on the south shore of Kauai. It is a National Tropical Botanical Garden - a not-for-profit institution, dedicated to discovering, saving, and studying the world's tropical plants and to sharing what is learned.

I recommend seeing this former estate, known for the series of outdoor garden rooms, its landscape beauty and fascinating history sometime during your visit to Kauai. Walking is involved but its not strenuous and there are many opportunities to take gorgeous photos.

A special tour offered at sunset would be perfect. Currently, a 10% discount is available off the Sunset Allerton Estate Tour, a guided tour of the garden focusing on the estate’s features and history, with oceanfront sunset and pupus on the lanai.

Cost per person: Adults (13 yrs. and above) $60; children 10-12 yrs. $30
Children 10 yrs. and above only on tour

Call (808) 742-2623 to reserve.

Offer good now until 4/2/2010

For more information on the island of Kauai, visit their website.

Top photo: View down into the valley and garden
Botton: Mermaid Fountain. Both images, courtesy of Daderot