Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unbeatable $5.75 lunch special at Restaurant Kuni

Located in Waipahu, Restaurant Kuni has started to offer mini-lunch specials starting at $5.75 for one choice, $9.75 for two choices and $13.75 for three choices ... such a deal ... and for a decent amount of food.  Regular one, two and three-choice meals are also available.  Here are the choices:

All lunches, mini or regular, come with miso soup, salad, bean sprouts, tsukemono, rice + hot tea.

Here is what the 'mini' two-choice teri-beef and tempura looked like ...

Here's the one-choice teri-butterfish ...

And here is the excellent 'small' Kuni Special Saimin that is $6.50 and also comes with salad, tsukemono and bean spouts. The large is just $8.50.  The small 'regular' saimin is just $3.50!!

These are clearly the 'best' prices I've found so far for good, Japanese-style lumches.  The mini one-choice would be perfect for kids and grandparents.

Restaurant Kuni offers a selection of ice cream desserts and is also open for dinner.  There is a bar attached to the restaurant that does pretty good business during pau hana on Fridays so dinner during this time can be noisy and parking challenging.

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Bonnie said...

oh man, these pictures are making me hungry and homesick!